Established in 1996 as an extension of the National Safari Club International organization based in Tucson, Arizona, formed to support conservation, wildlife, and habitat, with a strong focus on hunters' rights. NNSCI has now evolved through consumer demand into one of Northern Nevada’s premier outdoors conservation organizations. Recognized locally as a leader in protecting Nevada’s wildlife, their habitat, conservation, and our local area hunters, outdoorsmen, women, and our youth.

NNSCI Officers

  1.  Brandon Weise, President,   bweise@nnsci.com
  2.  Mason Marino, Vice President,  mmarino@nnsci.com
  3.  Terry Melby, Secretary,   tmelby@nnsci.com
  4.  Fran Jacobs, Treasurer,   fjacobs@nnsci.com

NNSCI Directors

  1.  Zac Harrison, Director,   zharrison@nnsci.com
  2.  Ryan Browne, Director,   rbrowne@nnsci.com
  3.  Mike Aiazzi, Director,   maiazzi@nnsci.com
  4.  Ashton Caselli, Director,   acaselli@nnsci.com
  5.  Brian Casci, Director,   bcasci@nnsci.com
  6.  Marty Harsin, Director,   mharsin@nnsci.com
  7.  Dean Heller, Director
  8.  Casey Gipson, Director,   cgipson@nnsci.com
  9.  Gaving Chodera, Director,   gchodera@nnsci.com

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